About Us

Turning Points Network and SAU 6 have partnered with several organizations, businesses and individuals in a new community initiative, Claremont Green Dot. Our mission is simple; we want fewer people hurt by power based personal violence. 

Green Dot is an initiative built on the premise that we can measurably reduce violence within any given community. Claremont Green Dot believes any group committed to equipping themselves with the necessary skills has the capacity to implement a successful violence prevention strategy.  Through a series of bystander trainings, community action events, and social marketing campaigns, Claremont Green Dot will bring community members together to solve problems and change community norms to be more visibly intolerant of violence. 


Claremont Green Dot is scheduling trainings and hoping to start by saturating staff at Claremont Health Care Providers and downtown businesses with Bystander Intervention information!  If you are interested in attending a bystander training or if you are interested in scheduling bystander trainings at your place of work, club or social group, CLICK HERE.