Claremont Green Dot


Visualize for a moment the unforgettable image of small red dots spreading across a map of the US, symbolizing the spread of some terrible epidemic.  Now imagine a map of Claremont where each red dot on the map represents an act of power based personal violence - domestic violence, sexual assault and/or stalking.  A green dot on that map, however, represents a choice that promotes safety and communicates intolerance of violence and makes it less likely the next red dot appears on our map.  A green dot is calling the police, pulling a friend out of a high-risk situation or even putting a Green Dot message on your Facebook page.  A green dot is simply your individual choice at any given time to make our community safer. And along with your dots are my green dots, and the green dots of everyone else who cares deeply about creating a safe, healthy community. Slowly but surely, our green dots overwhelm and displace the red dots on the map. Not only do our green dots matter individually, but collectively they are a movement. We are in the majority. We can act to create the community we want to see.


Claremont Green Dot is scheduling trainings and hoping to start by saturating staff at Claremont Health Care Providers and downtown businesses with Bystander Intervention information!  If you are interested in attending a bystander training or if you are interested in scheduling bystander trainings at your place of work, club or social group, SEND US AN EMAIL.


Reactive violence prevention with Green Dot