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A Deafening Roar

Sometimes I close my eyes and listen to the deafening noise around me. I hear bits of conversation. I hear my dog as he greets my neighbor. I hear my coffee grinder as I make my first…third cup of the day.

But mostly, I hear the silence. I hear the pauses in conversation, a silence that says more than the entire 10 minute dialogue. I hear so much silence it takes my breath away. All those meaningless words could never fully break that epic silence.

Don’t get me wrong, the most beautiful moments can occur in complete silence; the silence of the first snowfall of the season, the silence of the mind after rigorous exercise.

At times, silence is disastrous. Picture the guy who could have spoken up about how terrible Transformers the Last Night was; FYI it won the Michael Bay Award for the worst movie of 2017. I bet he wishes he had said something…

What then does it say about us when we add to that oppressive, over-bearing silence. “That feels like a jump, what do you mean about us adding to that silence?” you ask.

I’m talking about silent bystanders, people who have the opportunity to make things safer yet they choose to stay silent. It’s that kind of silence that takes my breath away.

Well, I’m determined to change it and you can too. Together we can break the silence and make our community safer for everyone. Rant over.

Until next time,

#Listening #Silence #Bystander #GreenDot

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