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Hello From M

Hello Everyone,

I have a feeling that you are dying to know who I am. I mean, mysterious bloggers only appear every so often…EVERYDAY.

My name is M, kind of like Judi Dench’s James Bond Character. It’s probably short for something, but I never asked. I like the smell of juniper, I’ve lived in Claremont for a while now, and I love my dog Frosty. I could tell you more, but I think my writing will speak for itself. In fact, I just channel the writing through myself, if that makes sense.

This really feels like rambling, but basically, I’m here to blog about Green Dot. Hopefully not in a boring, “Oh, more Green Dot,” way but more in a, “Wow, I can’t wait until the next blog post comes out. I haven’t slept since the last one, it was so riveting,” way.

If you’re not hooked by now, there’s really no help for you. For those of you who want to read more, those who are unsure but leaning towards curious, and those who are mostly decided against but could maybe read one more post, please come back next week for more exciting Green Dot tidbits.

In all seriousness, this blog will contain bits of humor, bittersweet moments, and will document my journey to become a ‘good bystander’ whatever that means. I hope you’ll be back next week 😊

Until next time, M

#GreenDot #Bystander

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