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A Blast from the Past (in 3 Succinct Parts)

I had the most wonderful experience a few weeks ago and I just can’t get it out of my head. FYI the experience was so wonderful I’ve written it in 3 separate parts.


Recently I attended a Green Dot training, but this post is NOT about that training, well not really. Although the training was excellent, what I found there was even more powerful.

Before I tell you this, potentially long-winded, story about how I came to find myself sitting next to my best friend from elementary school at training, you have to know one thing.

Before the training, I was dreading it. I didn’t want to go. I only signed up because my boss had suggested that I would receive comp time for going. In other words, I was draaaaaaaaaaaggggggging my feet. Eventually the day of the training arrived and I walked in with a minute to spare, plopped myself down and prepared for the worst. I had my doodling pen handy and notepad secured.

I was determined to get through the training. But, what then did I find at this magical experience—an epic staring contest. I glanced up and noticed a woman looking intently at me. I thought, “What have I signed up for?” And then it dawned on me. I knew this woman. Granted, it had been ages since I had seen her last, but if I looked closely I could see the little girl from not so long ago.

We waited until a break during training and hugged, starting to catch up.


Until next time,

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