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A Blast From the Past (Part 2)


Let’s catch everyone up to speed, I attended a wonderful GD Bystander Training, and met someone from my childhood there.

As we entered into our lunch break, I was shocked. I mean I’ve known Megan for years. I thought she had moved away. Growing up she used to come over to my house all the time and we would play games and terrorize my brother together. Looking at her, all the fun we had came rushing back. We started reminiscing about the past and also began the general ‘tell me everything that has happened to you since the last time I saw you’ process.

In case you were wondering, Megan HAD moved away. Her father was part of the military, and so had uprooted Megan and her brother and sister and moved them all about the US and eventually abroad. But she was back. I always loved being around Megan, she was one of those people who could literally spin straw into gold. I mean, nothing was too difficult for her, and even if things were hard for her she always found some way of making things better. There were so many times I went to Megan crying about something stupid, but at the time my problem seemed life-or-death. Every. Single. Time. She made me feel better.

We could have talked for hours, but the instructors seemed to have other plans for our training.


Until next time,

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