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The Perfect Love Letters

Valentine’s Day will be spectacular this year. I am looking forward to it soo much. I have a date and everything, even if I didn’t have a date I would have been my own Valentine.

In fact, I was so sure I was going to be alone, I started looking up sayings and loving cards I could write to myself. Unsurprisingly, there were A LOT of suggestions. During my searches, I found things like, “You’re always with someone good looking when you are with yourself,” but I also found things like, “I see you. I believe you. It’s not your fault. You are not alone #SurvivorLoveLetter,” and it broke my heart (For more info click the picture above).

It breaks my heart every time I think about the trauma and horror that survivors face at the hands of another person. But more than that, it fuels my rage and anger at people who would hurt someone else so wickedly. This Valentine’s Day, I pledge to be a good bystander (although I will try to be a good bystander before and after as well). If I go to a bar during my date, I will monitor my surroundings and watch for people who seem too intoxicated or who need help getting safely home. If we go to the movies and see a couple fighting, I’m going to step in and ask if everything is ok. There are too many scenarios to list, but you get the point. I’m going to be a vigilant bystander this Valentine’s Day because everyone deserves to feel safe and loved.

Until next time,

#ValentinesDay #Bystander #GreenDot #Survivor #SurvivorLoveLetter

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