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Claremont Green Dot: A History Lesson

Travel back with me to the year 2016, what a year. It was that year that I chopped all my hair off and dyed it green, accidentally of course. Little did I know, that even as I was trying to wash out that awful green, it would return to me in a slightly different hue: Green Dot (GD).

Green Dot originally started in Homer, AK, but in 2016 it traveled the 4,633 miles—I mapquested it—to Claremont, NH. When it arrived, two organizations became heavily involved in implementing it, Turning Points Network and SAU6. Not long after, the Chamber of Commerce joined the Green Dot movement. And in 2017 I entered the picture, just sayin'.

In Claremont, GD provides important data to Alteristic—its parent organization. They have held multiple youth summits, and check-in calls. The goal (I’m just riffing here) of GD is to continue to improve the program so that it will be the most effective in the community.

Besides working with communities, GD also focuses on college campuses and schools. According to their website, they’ve also worked with the Air Force and other groups. You can click here for more info.

Fast-forward to 2018, my hair is no longer green and short, but there is still plenty of green in my life 😊

Until next time,

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