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A Magic 8 Ball's Wisdom

When I need a break from work, and life in general, I go shopping. I don’t tend to buy anything. But I like to walk down the aisles, especially in clothing stores and fold clothes on messy store displays as I go along. Don’t ask me why I do it, I think it harks back to the good-old days when I worked as a cashier at the GAP. That job was ok, but I really appreciated the employee discount and my evolving, killer style. To this day, I’m kinda a fashionista.

This blog is not about being a fashionista, it’s about a toy I found while I was at TjMaxx—when I was out shopping. Remember those Magic 8 Balls, the kind that you shake and it tells you your future? Well, I found one. I was so pumped, I think I audibly gasped in the store.

Obviously, I had to try it out. I asked it a few questions and each time it said, “Concentrate and ask again.” So, I ended up standing in the aisle of TjMaxx staring intently into a Magic 8 Ball for about 10 minutes before asking my question. The answer I received: Ask again later.

At that moment, I realized that the Magic 8 Ball had all the time in the world and if I truly wanted to answer my burning question I was going to have to do it myself. I decided to return the Magic 8 Ball to its spot in the store, and I left.

The Magic 8 Ball incident happened a few weeks ago, but thinking about it now, I’m starting to apply the toy’s logic to other areas of my life. In particular I’m realizing that, if you truly believe in something, sometimes it takes a little effort to get to the ‘correct’ answer.

Since this IS the Green Dot blog, I have to tie it in somehow. Well, here it is, I want to live in a safe community, but that’s not going to happen overnight. It’s up to me, then, to do what I can. That’s why I’m a GD instructor. I want to make connections with other people. I want to make connections in our community. And most importantly, I want to do my part to make things safer for everyone. In the words of the Magic 8 Ball, the “Outlook good” in Claremont.

Until next time,

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