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I Walk (Across) the (Finish) Line

To everyone who doesn’t know, Turning Points Network in Claremont is heavily involved with Green Dot. For a while now, they’ve organized their fun run, Steppin’ Up. I’m so excited to attend tomorrow. I’ve created my own team and everything. We are PUMPED to attend. For weeks we have been practicing. I think my boss is more excited than me, because I’ve been skipping around the office for weeks now, and he’s telling me I’ve taken my enthusiasm and ‘run’ too far with it. HAH. Get it? ‘Run’ too far?

Is there such a thing? Sure, recently I created a ‘Run playlist’ which features any song with the word ‘run’ in it, my boss only likes one song on the list and even then it’s more of a lukewarm appreciation vs. an enthusiastic appreciation. In order to humor him, I also included songs with walk in it, like “I Walk The Line” (he’s a big Johnny Cash fan).

If you are looking to do any Green Dots tomorrow, you should think about attending Steppin’ Up. You can go here for more info.

Hope to see everyone there! Steppin’ Up is going to be an ABSOLUTE BLAST. I think I might just go to bed with my running shoes on tonight so that I will be ready. I CAN’T WAIT.

Until next time,

#Claremont #SteppinUp #Run

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