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Passerby #0438712

How do you tell your story? Is it with exclamation points and emojis? Do you “umm” and “er” your way through certain passages? Maybe you have a fulltime narrator who provides running commentary throughout your day. Or perhaps, like me your story just seems to kind of appear with little thought.

If we’re talking stories, why do some things happen? For instance, what was the purpose of spilling almost a gallon of coffee on myself before going to work? Speaking of accidents, why do I trip up stairs. I bet you didn’t even think it was humanly possible, well friends, I’ve done it.

Tangent over, I’ve realized my story has a lot of holes. I mean, what happens to the passerby? Sometimes when I’m in a crowded place surrounded by people I sit and wonder. I create fantastic stories for people I know nothing about. I can’t tell you how many professional treasure hunters and antique collectors I’ve met. I mean, seriously, treasure hunters are everywhere.

Even as I sit and make up the most bizarre and beautiful stories, I’m never going to really know them. In fact, I will likely never appear in their story as more than Passerby #0438712 if even that.

But what if I’m supposed to be more than Passerby #0438712. What if Passerby #0438712 is written into the script because they have a role to play?

According to the Green Dot model, Passerby #0438712 can make a huge difference for the main character in the story. They may pass by as a situation escalates, they may see a couple enter into a heated argument, or they may see someone walking home alone at night. Either way, Passerby #0438712 has a choice to make. They can intervene or they can watch.

Well friends, I know that I would want Passerby #0438712 to help me, but what would you do?

Until next time,

#Stories #Bystander #GreenDot

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