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You're the Bee's Knees

Recently, my world has been topsy turvy. A lot of change is happening right now, and I haven’t been able to handle it really well, or like at all. In fact, one could say that I’ve made some wicked bad decisions recently.

After The Boyfriend left the picture, I’ve been feeling really sad and lonely. In order to feel better, I’ve been hitting the bars Jessica Jones style (she drinks a lot). One night, I went to the bar and was having quite a bit of fun, actually. I was chatting people up, etc., etc..

But then, I kind of crashed. It started with the karaoke machine and ended with a meeting with the toilet. None of it was graceful, it was mostly embarrassing, and it makes me all cringe-y even writing about it. At that point, it was like 3 in the morning and I was in no state to drive—even I recognized that. My phone was dead, and I needed a way home. I asked the bartender if I could use the bar phone and then I called my friend Bee.

Obviously she had been sleeping because it took more than 20 rings for her to pick up. When she finally did, she sounded irritable and tired. I had my speech all planned out, but when she answered I think I started singing about bees and wasps and said something like, “Beeeeeeeeeeeeee, caaaan youu com gif mee.” About 15 minutes later, Bee arrived and dropped me off at home.

When Bee tells the story, it includes talking with the bartender, paying for my tab, and apologizing profusely for the state of the bathroom. Bee, you are seriously too good to me. You are amazing. This post is dedicated to you. THANK YOU, BEE, FOR HELPING ME OUT! More than that, thank you for being the best (active) bystander I know.

Until next time,

#Active #Bystander #GreenDot #Stories #ThankYou

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