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Claremont Green Dot Instructors represent numerous community agencies and businesses including  SAU 6, and TLC Family Resource Center, the Greater Claremont Chamber of Commerce, Taverne on the Square and Turning Points Network.

The minimum requirement for certification is a 4.5-day training that covers: the research foundation and conceptual model that informs the Green Dot etc. strategy, the Green Dot etc. persuasive speech, the Green Dot etc. Bystander Training, social marketing, and evaluation and action planning. Learn about our instructors below and why they are committed to making Claremont a Green Dot community!

“I am a Green Dot instructor because it’s the right thing to do.”

Tim Bureau
Reb MacKenzie

"As a Christ-centered Quaker, I believe that violence is wrong in all its                   expressions, whether power-based or not. I'm an instructor for Green Dot because power-based violence is common. As a community member, I look forward to the day when we all say, "No!" to the temptation of hurting another to get what we want, and learn to respect one another and communicate our needs in a way that honors one another as individuals and children of God. I'm still working on my own reactions to those I oppose. There is much to learn. I hope you can join us in this learning process."

Erica Sweetser

“I’m involved with Claremont Green Dot because domestic violence effects all of us. Silence is acceptance. In order to reduce domestic violence we have to be willing to recognize it, acknowledge it, and do something about it. Green Dot encompasses all of that, it shows that everyone can play a part.”

“I am a Green Dot instructor because I want our community to be a safer place for everyone and believe we now have the means to make that happen!”

Liza Draper
Kerry Rochford Hague - Turning Points Network Community Education Team

“Green Dot is active and positive and inspires people to make changes in their own community. It builds on what we all already want: less violence. Helping inspire others to be part of the movement to create safe, strong communities – one person at a time – is really exciting!”

Elyse Crossman - Greater Claremont Chamber of Commerce

“I joined the Claremont Green Dot team because I believe we all must come together to make our community a safer place for everyone to grow, work and explore." 

Elena Karis - ReThink Health: UCRV
Rose Murphy - Turning Points Network Volunteer
Cindy Roberts - Turning Points Network Education Coordinator

“I believe in the Green Dot philosophy that ‘no one has to do everything, but everyone has to do something.’ If everyone in Claremont does their ‘something’ to stand up to violence; a safer community can be possible for my sons, my daughter, and all our children.”

“I do Green Dot because I want the rates of violence to come down and I want to see this change happen during my lifetime.”

"I do Green Dot because I’m committed to creating culture change in my community. I believe in this program and have really enjoyed working with fellow community members to promote this positive message."

Amanda Mace - Turning Points Network Programs Director

“I’m a Green Dot Instructor because I want my children to grow up in a community where they are safe and where EVERYONE is a proactive bystander looking out for each other.”

Emily Marrazzo - Turning Points Network Community Education Team

“I am involved in Green Dot because I believe it will help us reshape our community. I work with children (including my own) every day to promote respect and empathy. I believe that if we expect our kids to be a positive force in the community, we have to lead by example. Green Dot is the best way I can think of to do that.”

Cory LeClair - SAU 6

“I'm involved in Green Dot because I believe that we can make our community a safer place for not only my children, but all children living here.”

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