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Green Dot training

The Green Dot Training is unlike any training you've attended before! It's a fun opportunity for Claremont citizens to learn more about how they can intervene when they see the potential for violence. The Green Dot Bystander and Overview trainings feature group discussion, interaction, and great tips on intervening in potentially high-risk situations.

You will learn:
•How to recognize "Red Dots"
•About the role of a bystander and obstacles to action
•How to implement a "Green Dot"
•The 3 types of Green Dots anyone can do

Learn more about the Green Dot Strategy by clicking here

“I went into the Green Dot training not really knowing what to expect. I myself have witnessed someone being verbally abused but never knew how to react or thought if I got involved I could get hurt. After this training, I learned that there are other ways to diffuse situations and I can make a difference in my community. I recommend the training to anyone, whether this is something that hits close to home for you or you are someone who has witnessed such behavior. You will get a lot out of this training. I believe we can all make our community a better place one person at a time!” ~Green Dot Overview Talk attendee

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