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What Can I Do Now?

You don't have to wait...  there are green dots you can do at anytime! 
  • Make an agreement with your significant other to do something if either of you spot a red dot.

  • Teach your young child that her body is her own and that you are a safe person to tell if anyone touches her in a way that isn’t okay.

  • Talk to your teenager about what kinds of red dots he has noticed. Think of ideas together of how he could intervene in similar situations.

  • Model healthy relationships for your children by having a no hitting, no yelling policy.

  • As a family, come up with one activity you can do together each weekend that supports violence prevention.

  • Tell your coworkers that if they need help addressing a potentially harmful situation at work, they can ask you to help.

  • Ask your boss to devote five minutes at the beginning of each staff meeting to take turns sharing one green dot you’ve done. (If you ARE the boss, you can make this happen!)

  • As a group, volunteer for one hour each month for an agency that addresses violence in the community.

  • Add a green dot and a quote (“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something,” “Your voice matters”) at the bottom of your business card or email signature, and talk about it with anyone who asks.

  • Ask your boss to schedule a company Green Dot training. (Again, if you are the boss, you know what to do!)

  • Talk to each of your friends about your commitment to end violence.

  • Tell someone you love that you are a safe person to talk to if they are ever in a situation or relationship that feels unsafe or unhealthy.

  • Offer to be the person who makes sure everyone gets home safely when you and your friends go out.

  • Trade babysitting evenings with a friend you trust.

  • Make an agreement with your friends to back each other up if any one of you needs help in a red dot situation.

  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper about the importance of building a community where violence is not tolerated and everyone is expected to do their part.

  • Wear a green dot and talk about it with those who ask.

  • Attend one event in the next month hosted by a local agency addressing violence.

  • Support local agencies and businesses that have committed to participating in Green Dot

  • Wear a pin from a local agency that supports victims of violence and tell anyone who asks you that you are committed to a safer community.

  • Spend 15 minutes reading about the work of a local agency on their website.

  • Look up a positive bystander story on the internet and post it to Facebook/Twitter.

  • Join the Claremont Green Dot Facebook page.

  • Write to your representatives asking them to support violence prevention.

  • Do one green dot every day for 100 days. Make a short video each day to show your progress.

  • Make a donation to a local agency addressing violence.

At home
At work
In the community
With friends
On the internet

What can I do now?


You don't have to wait, there are green dots you can do at any time. Click through these slides to get some ideas!

Heart & Hands

Will you consider making a Green Dot commitment? It could be a promise to yourself to never let a red dot cross your path unanswered. It could be something simple, like wearing a pin on your jacket, or something difficult, like having a Green Dot conversation every day for 100 days. Whatever it is, make it meaningful to YOU.

If you’d like to share your pledge with us, you can use the form below.

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